A new era of flexible living with REAT Capital

Experience a world where freedom of movement is a reality and home knows no boundaries. With REAT, live anywhere, unshackled by traditional rental constraints. 


What makes this unique

Live anywhere

Imagine living anywhere your heart desires, unshackled by traditional rental agreements and mortgages. With REAT, unlock countless residential and commercial properties provided by REAT Capital and its partners.

Unlock Freedom

Purchase blocks as pathways to freedom. These blocks generate tokens, granting access to a diverse portfolio of properties—from city apartments to serene retreats.

Empowering Businesses

We empower businesses to thrive, offering ideal spaces for innovation and growth. Commercial and industrial real estate are integrated into our portfolio, perfect for enterprises of all sizes.

Seize Opportunities

Embrace a future where blockchain technology revolutionizes how we live, work, and interact. Join us as pioneers of a new paradigm, where freedom of living is a birthright for all.

Diverse Properties

Access a wide range of properties, from cozy apartments in bustling cities to serene retreats in nature’s embrace, catering to diverse lifestyle needs.

Global Reach

Experience the flexibility to live and work in various locations worldwide, supported by REAT Capital’s extensive network of properties and partnerships.

How it works

An easy step by step process


Buy Tokens

Purchase REAT tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Acquire Blocks

Use your REAT tokens to buy a block on our WEB3 platform.


Choose a property

Select from a variety of rental properties worldwide.


Live flexibly

Use your block income to enjoy flexible rental options, allowing you to live anywhere.

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Still have questions?

Discover how Reat Capital innovates real estate
through blockchain technology.

Unlike MLM-based companies, REAT Capital doesn’t offer commissions or bonuses to individuals for bringing in new participants. All the funds raised will be used exclusively to buy real estate, with a small portion allocated for associated costs and operational fees. Therefore, payouts will come entirely from rental income.

Our token doesn’t support staking. What’s better, when you acquire 1000 REAT tokens, you have the opportunity to use them to acquire a Standaard Block, initiating daily token generation.

We’ve strategically selected Portugal and Thailand as our initial real estate markets. Moving forward, we’re fully committed to expanding our presence to capitalize on opportunities in other promising markets.

During our initial phase of operation, the sale of a block will not be facilitated. However, transfering blocks to someone else is part of our future roadmap.

Risk is a natural aspect of any venture, and we strongly advise that you only allocate funds that are not essential, ensuring peace of mind as you embark on this journey.

For participants in the private round
REAT Capital incorporates unique features intended to significantly mitigate potential risks. In our first pre-sale round 1, we offer a guarantee of a full refund if we do not successfully sell 200 pre-sales blocks in the private round, demonstrating our dedication to protecting our participants.

For participants in the public round
A crucial element in reducing risk is the support for our token by rental income and our blocks by tangible real estate assets. This mutual connection establishes a tangible value for our token, one that grows with each addition to our portfolio, ensuring a greater level of stability.

To illustrate this concept, imagine a scenario where no further block purchases occur after we reach 50,000 blocks. This scenario reflects the return on investment dynamics observed in traditional real estate markets. Essentially, participants can still anticipate returns, albeit over a longer timeframe—roughly estimated at 10-25 years to recoup their initial allocation—similar to traditional real estate models, but without the associated overhead costs.

The Treasury holds tokens owned by the organization, which will only be available for sale with the objective of raising capital for the company’s real estate purchase initiatives. It’s important to note that these tokens won’t be used for fundraising activities unrelated to supporting real estate.

Shareholders and founders won’t receive cryptocurrency tokens or blocks as gifts or bonuses. This decision is based on the principle that funds acquired by the blocks are solely allocated for the company’s operational purposes, aimed at maximizing returns for block buyers. This policy also prevents significant token dumps that could potentially devalue the token.

Shareholders and founders must acquire tokens and blocks through the same means as any other participant. This ensures a fair and equitable environment for all participants.

Reat Capital_block_element_svg

Manifesto of Free Living: Embracing REAT Cryptocurrency

In a world where freedom of movement is not just a dream but a tangible reality, where borders are not barriers but invitations to explore, where the notion of home transcends physical boundaries, we stand at the threshold of a new era – an era defined by the liberation of living through REAT cryptocurrency.

We envision a world where individuals are empowered to live anywhere their hearts desire, unshackled by the constraints of traditional rental agreements and mortgage loans. In this world, REAT serves as the key to unlock the doors of countless properties, both residential and commercial, provided by REAT Capital and its partners.

With REAT, the possibilities are endless. Imagine purchasing blocks, not as a means of investment, but as a pathway to freedom. These blocks become beacons of abundance, generating tokens that grant access to a diverse portfolio of real estate options, from cozy apartments in bustling cities to serene retreats nestled in nature’s embrace.

But our vision extends beyond personal liberation. We envision a world where businesses, too, harness the power of REAT to thrive and expand. With commercial and industrial real estate integrated into the REAT portfolio, enterprises of all sizes can find their perfect space to innovate, collaborate, and prosper.

This manifesto is a call to action, a call to embrace a future where the barriers between us and our dreams are dissolved. It is a call to reject the status quo and embrace the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

Let us rise together, as pioneers of a new paradigm, where freedom of living is not just a privilege for the few, but a birthright for many. Let us seize the opportunity to redefine the meaning of home, to transcend the limitations of geography, and to forge a world where every individual and every business can thrive without boundaries.

In the realm of REAT cryptocurrency, we find not just financial prosperity, but the true essence of freedom – the freedom to live, to create, and to belong anywhere our hearts desire. Join us in this journey towards a future where living knows no limits, and where the only currency that matters is the currency of possibility.

Reat Capital_Team_Sheena Martins Talamazzi_Real estate expert

Sheena Martins Talamazzi

Real estate expert

Sheena marine
Resides in Portugal, Lisbon/Algarve.
Entrepreneurial and ambitious, she’s working in the real estate consultancy profession for almost a decade, and has developed several businesses over the years which result in advantageous passive income.

Her focus is on finding or creating constant solutions for capital in a safe way for herself and her clients, and adapting to the needs of each market.

“Real Capital is the combination of the future and the traditional. Accessible to all types of clients, small or large scale, who wants something that is constantly growing and indirectly helps the community. It’s a brilliant and simple way to further validate virtual currencies in a real-life context, the creation of beds, accommodation. And as a good connoisseur, real estate is and will continue to be one of the safest endeavour ever.”

Reat Capital_Team_no image

Nick Goutry

Real estate expert


Joyce Van Putte

General finance

Joyce Van Putte, born in 1988 in the serene town of Ekeren, is a person of noteworthy diligence and artistic flair. Her early passion for the arts led her to pursue and excel in her studies at one of Antwerp’s prestigious art schools—a choice that laid the foundational stones of her creative journey and professional demeanor.

Standing at an average height with a presence that blends warmth and professionalism, Joyce’s demeanor reflects her methodical approach to work and life. Her engaging smile and thoughtful gaze underscore her keen attention to detail and her deep-rooted appreciation for aesthetics.

Since 2010, Joyce has been the cornerstone of administrative excellence behind her husband’s business ventures. In her role, she’s not just performing tasks; she’s fine-tuning the machinery of the business, ensuring that every aspect runs smoothly and efficiently. Her ability to spot and rectify even the minutest discrepancies has been instrumental in maintaining a high standard of operational integrity and excellence.

Joyce describes her work as “putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece,” a metaphor that perfectly encapsulates her artistic background’s impact on her administrative duties. Her approach is characterized by a delicate balance of precision and creativity, a trait that not only enhances her professional capabilities but also enriches her personal life.

Outside the office, Joyce finds solace and inspiration in the arts. Whether it’s a visit to a local gallery, dabbling in painting, or exploring the rich tapestry of Antwerp’s cultural life, her love for the arts is ever-present. This artistic passion complements her work, allowing her to inject creativity into even the most mundane tasks and see beauty in the intricacies of administrative work.

In summary, Joyce Van Putte is much more than an administrative professional; she is a guardian of precision, a champion of the arts, and a vital contributor to the success and smooth operation of her husband’s businesses. Her story is a compelling example of how a creative spirit can flourish and bring unique value in any role.


Nadja Van Hout

Regional marketing manager

Nadja, an accomplished entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, consistently exceeds expectations, turning clients’ dreams into realities. Since 2015, she has focused on smart financial management, diving into various cryptocurrency projects and courses for expertise.

She is determined to make real estate investment easier, empowering individuals to achieve investment milestones they never dreamed possible.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Nadja is known for being honest, determined to make a positive impact. Her commitment to transparency and excellence serves as the cornerstone of her approach, ensuring that every interaction is imbued with trust and authenticity.

Reat Capital_Michaël De Coux_Team_Head of customer support

Michaël De Coux

Head of customer support

I am Michaël De Coux, from Ghent, Belgium.
Health, working independently and being able to manage my time myself are priorities for me. I have been supervising construction sites for 25 years and after my dismissal in 2017 I decided never to work for a boss again.

For me, Reat Capital means, on the one hand, generating passive income, sharing my experience and knowledge with the team regarding cryptocurrency, but also further refining my skills as a network marketer.

I am proud to be part of this team and let’s go for it together!”

Reat Capital_Team_Diederik Maes_Head of IT support

Diederik Maes

Head of IT support

Diederik Maes, an accomplished IT Support Manager, brings 25 years of expertise to the Reat company. His extensive experience in network management and Microsoft solutions positions him as a valuable asset. Diederik’s proficiency ensures smooth operations, robust security, and efficient IT infrastructure for the organization.
As the IT Support Manager, Diederik orchestrates a symphony of technical prowess. His responsibilities span far and wide:

Network Management: With a keen eye for detail, Diederik ensures the seamless operation of the company’s intricate network. He meticulously monitors network devices, analyzes utilization patterns, and swiftly implements software upgrades. The stability and reliability of the network lie squarely on his capable shoulders.

Team Leadership: Diederik leads a team of skilled engineers. His guidance and mentorship empower them to tackle complex challenges head-on. Whether it’s troubleshooting network issues or providing technical support, he stands at the forefront, ensuring optimal performance.

Project Management: The Reat company thrives on innovation. Diederik spearheads critical projects, aligning technology with business goals. His strategic vision ensures that the company remains agile and competitive in a dynamic market.

Microsoft Solutions: Armed with deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, Diederik leverages these solutions to enhance productivity and streamline operations. From Microsoft 365 to Azure, he navigates the digital landscape with finesse.

Network Security and Compliance: Collaborating closely with other departments, especially IT, Diederik fortifies network security. He ensures compliance with contractual obligations, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining the company’s reputation.

Custom Automation: Diederik is no stranger to scripting. He crafts custom scripts to test network devices, automate routine tasks, and elevate efficiency. His code dances across routers and switches, orchestrating a harmonious symphony of connectivity.

In the corridors of the Reat company, Diederik Maes is more than an IT Support Manager; he’s a guardian of digital

Reat Capital_Team_Dirk De Wilde_Regional Marketing Manager_

Dirk De Wilde

Regional marketing manager

My name is Dirk De Wilde, and I am pleased to introduce myself to you. I am based in Beveren, Belgium. Whether it’s work or hobbies, I approach everything with passion. Over the years, I have gained experience in leading my own service-providing business, real estate projects, and cryptocurrency.

What drives me is finding balance between work and leisure time. I strongly believe that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind. Therefore, in my free time, I enjoy fun outings, mountain biking, kitesurfing, and snowboarding.

I always enjoy learning new things and meeting new people. I am looking forward to collaborating with you and am excited about our partnership. Let’s strive for success together and inspire each other. Let’s live our best lives together! Warm regards, Dirk De Wilde

Reat Capital_Team_Yves Van Hoo_Director of finance

Yves Van Hoo

Director of finance

Yves Van Hoo, born in 1975, serves as a seasoned COO with 21 years’ expertise in supplying technical staff to Belgian telecom operators. He embodies a sportive physique, exuding a robust yet kind demeanor, and dresses to harmonize professional obligations with personal comfort.

As a dedicated family man, Yves finds profound fulfillment in his relationship with his wife and five children, extending his passion for life to a diverse range of interests. Renowned for his problem-solving acumen and pragmatic leadership style, he hails from Petegem Aan De Leie in Belgium, where his early studies in electronics paved the way for a multifaceted career spanning hospitality, construction, and manufacturing at Volvo.

Outside of work, Yves immerses himself in woodworking and nurtures his garden, blending creativity with a love for nature. His aspirations include steering his company through technological evolution, further honing his woodworking skills, and championing environmental sustainability.

Ringo Deloof

Co-founder / IT specialist

A Director of Development & Technology and co-founder at the helm of an IT firm, this individual boasts more than twenty years of comprehensive experience in the specialized realm of IT consultancy, notably serving large-scale enterprises and governmental bodies.

His proficiency is distinctly evident in two principal areas: cybersecurity and the creation of a prosperous software development company. With a deep-seated understanding of the IT ecosystem, his career is dedicated to the protection of crucial data and infrastructure, the deployment of formidable security safeguards, and adherence to stringent regulatory standards to safeguard clients’ interests in an era increasingly dominated by digital innovation.

Moreover, his zeal is deeply rooted in the cultivation of a vibrant software development firm, where he leads the charge in assembling elite teams and delineating strategic roadmaps for avant-garde blockchain applications.

Reat Capital_Team_Ivan Dorochtchenko_Co-founder - CEO

Ivan Dorochtchenko

Co-founder /Ceo

A visionary entrepreneur with an illustrious career spanning over a decade, this individual has ventured into multiple domains, from the dynamic realms of the entertainment industry and network marketing to the exciting frontier of cryptocurrency projects. His unwavered dedication is focused on crafting innovative experiences and nurturing thriving communities.

Fuelled by an unbridled enthusiasm for cryptocurrency projects, this entrepreneur consistently demonstrates his exceptional adaptability and success across a spectrum of industries, all while maintaining the utmost ethical standards. With his sights firmly set on the future, he is poised to embark on a groundbreaking journey that converges cryptocurrency and real estate, promising to reshape both landscapes with innovation and foresight.